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MICA Theatre is a brand-new theatre company standing for Matters I Care About. Matters I care about is at the heart of how MICA Theatre began. MICA Theatre is dedicated to telling stories that reflect you by exploring matters that I, THEY, WE, care about. We’d like to encourage communities who many never have been to the theatre, to offer theatre that’s universal in order for everyone to find something that moves them in one way or another from the stories that we tell.  

It is so important for us as a theatre company to ensure you care for our characters, the story, and the worlds we present so that in turn... something you’ve heard many times before could potentially land quite differently - And then maybe, just maybe, you might learn something new about yourself. That's how we keep an audience is moved, and that’s how they care. 

After all – it's for them.  

- Isabella Verrico




Isabella Verrico 

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